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... sh*t happens.

2008-04-10 23:18:06 by Fluid69

Get a helmet

Anyways: I've been stuck at home for 2 weeks now because my grandfather just died, and nobody is here to watch my grandmother... so she doesn't fall over or something....

I've been a total whore for counter strike all week (CSS, not 1.6). I started a clan, got a server, made bunch of friends....

Balance of suck and great.

I've been trying to get a job for SO FREAKING LONG, and I just might get one soon enough. Then, i can get a better Graphics card, Orange Box, and the pinnacle of everything: Garry's Mod :D

(ya, I do lead a very dull life. My animation impresses nobody in school because I'm still in stick figure stage. I've shown nobody my photoshop skills, and finally: I'm in ROTC at school, and there's a SUPER IMPORTANT inspection, and I know nothing about the material)


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